Myo Sculpting
Who Is a Good Candidate for Myo Sculpting
EMSculpt is a simple way to not only burn off unwanted fat but also build stronger muscles and boost metabolism. This treatment is available to both men and women who are looking to target stubborn fat areas, rebuild muscles after an injury, kick off a new fitness routine, or tone and tighten specific areas of their body. In this article, we’ll take a look at who good EMSculpt candidates are to help you determine if this treatment could be right for you.  
What Is EMSculpt?
EMSculpt is an FDA-approved machine that offers patients a non-invasive means of burning fat and building muscle. Originally, EMSculpt was cleared for targeting the abdomen and buttocks, and it can now be used on the calves, thighs, triceps, and biceps as well.
How Does EMSculpt Work?
One of the reasons this machine has soared to popularity among celebrities and other people with busy schedules is that EMSculpt treatments are completely non-invasive. Through the use of HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology, the EMSculpt device stimulates intense muscle contractions called supramaximal contractions. In one 30-minute treatment session, the muscles in the targeted region of a patient’s body contract 20,000 times. This rate and intensity far surpass what is possible through voluntary exercise and even the most challenging of workouts.
HIFEM® technology is similar to what is used for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) but more powerful and with certain distinct differences. EMSculpt is able to stimulate contractions in targeted muscle groups without affecting the skin above those muscles. These supramaximal contractions trigger a process called lipolysis, which is essentially the body’s way of breaking down and disposing of fat cells. Fatty acids get released and then dead fat cells are metabolized and naturally excreted by the body. On a larger scale, muscles are left looking more toned, tightened, and defined.
What Are EMSculpt Treatments Like?
Each EMSculpt treatment lasts 30 minutes. Typically 4 total treatments spread out over a couple of weeks are recommended to achieve optimal results. Patients do not need to do anything to prepare for treatments ahead of time and they can return to their normal activities immediately afterwards. This treatment can even be done over a lunch break to fit into busy work schedules. 
During treatment sessions, the EMSculpt device paddles are placed on top of the muscle group being targeted and secured with a band that wraps around the body. Patients do not need to completely disrobe. For treatments targeting the buttocks and calves, patients may lie face down on a table and for treatments targeting the thighs, abdomen, biceps, or triceps they may lie face up.
The EMSculpt device stimulates three phases of contractions that gradually increase in intensity based on what the patient can comfortably tolerate. Many patients enjoy listening to music, playing games on their phone, or reading a book during sessions. Tingling sensations similar to a foot falling asleep are normal during treatments and should pass quickly.
Who Are Good EMSculpt Candidates?
The major benefits of this treatment are fat burning, pain reduction, increasing muscle mass, improving joint health, and improving posture. Men and women who are seeking any of these benefits may be good EMScult candidates. The following list includes some patient groups that will get the most benefit out of EMSculpt treatments.
People Suffering from Diastasis Recti – EMSculpt is an effective treatment for diastasis recti and has been shown to reduce gaps by up to 11% in the abdominal muscles caused by this condition. Diastasis recti is most commonly known as a condition that affects women who have given birth, but this condition can also be caused by significant weight changes, certain surgeries, or lifting heavy objects incorrectly and can affect both men and women. It is important to note that EMSculpt is not recommended for women during pregnancy. 
People Who Enjoy a Healthy Lifestyle – Men and women who work out consistently or who are looking to jumpstart a new fitness routine are good EMSculpt candidates. Those who continue to exercise the muscle groups that have been targeted through EMSculpt tend to see the longest-lasting results. This treatment can help patients build a firm foundation and strengthen muscles they may be having difficulty working on their own. EMSculpt is not a replacement for working out but rather works best when used in conjunction with regular physical exercise and a healthy diet.
People Who Want to Avoid Injury – Whether you’re getting back to working out after a hiatus or transitioning to a new exercise program, changing up your fitness routine can make you more prone to injury. EMSculpt helps strengthen core muscle groups, such as the abdomen, that are used to maintain stability through a myriad of exercises. Many patients use this as a way to build strength where they need it most.
People Who Are Recovering from Certain Injuries – EMSculpt works well as a supplement to physical therapy and can be a great way for athletes as well as everyday people to rebuild muscles after certain injuries.
People Seeking an Alternative to Plastic Surgery – People who are looking for a butt lift or want to tone and tighten their muscles but don’t want scars may be good EMSculpt candidates. This non-invasive treatment doesn’t require anesthesia and there’s no lengthy recovery period like those associated with butt implants, tummy tuck, or liposuction procedures. 
People with Busy Schedules – As we mentioned previously, EMSculpt treatments require no pre-treatment preparations and there’s no downtime afterwards. EMSculpt is a great choice for people looking to burn fat and build muscle without disrupting their schedule or taking time off of work.
People Looking to Boost Their Metabolism – In addition to building muscle tissue, EMSculpt boosts metabolism. The results of clinical studies showed a five-time increase in fat metabolism (apoptotic index increased from 19% to 92% post treatment) in patients who underwent EMSculpt treatments.
Who Is Not a Good Candidate for EMSculpt?
There are a few people who should not use EMSculpt. This treatment is not recommended for women who are pregnant or who have an implanted metal IUD (intra-uterine device for birth control). In addition, EMSculpt is not safe for people who have implanted metal devices (such as a pacemaker) or metal pieces (such as screws, rods, or plates) inside their body.
Think you might be a good candidate for EMSculpt and interested in learning more about this innovative treatment? Book a consultation at Aspire Regenerative. Our doctors can determine if this treatment is right for you based on your medical history and unique health and wellness goals.

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